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Training Delivery

How many times have you tried to organise a training programme but have not been able to get an individual or group of participants together in the same place or at the same time? As a result, the opportunity for important and valuable skills development has been missed.
Farnham Castle offers a totally flexible range of delivery options to allow the delivery of stand alone or blended learning solutions to suit the needs of all employees wherever they are located.

Most of our clients continue to prefer a face to face training platform. However in an era where workload, time, budget constraints and the increasing need to be environmentally sensitive are having an increasing effect on the ability to ensure individuals receive the training and coaching they need, remote delivery options can provide a valuable alternative to preferred face to face delivery.

Face to face

Still the preferred delivery option for the delivery of training and support programmes.To avoid the distraction of staying in the office or the more open nature of hotels, the majority of our clients prefer programmes to be delivered at Farnham Castle. However, they can normally be delivered at a venue of your choosing anywhere in the world.

Web-Based (iCulture)

A live web-based training and coaching solution that meets the demands of today’s business world on a truly global scale. Using WebEx we can deliver modular based development training anywhere in the world. iCulture allows simultaneous group or one-to-one delivery and mentoring. Easy to use and set up both platforms only require access to the internet, a telephone and a web cam.


An increasingly popular modular based delivery option, particularly suited to allow participants to access information at a time of their choosing, where delivery locations are difficult or as part of a blended learning solution. Podcasts can be downloaded on to personal PCs, accessed via the web or delivered via remote media such as memory stick or iPhone. To view a demo of our podcast delivery – click here

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