Global cultural expertise
for business

Expatriate Support for International Assignees and their Families

Individually tailored and comprehensive pre-assignment and repatriation programmes covering any country including Britain. Designed for individuals, couples and families and tailor made to meet the needs of every individual participant.

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Cultural Communication Skills for International Business Success

Highly tailored and interactive blended learning solutions designed to provide international personnel, in every function, with the required skills, knowledge and tools to develop both general and culture specific intercultural business skills.

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Global Leadership and Executive Coaching

We provide a highly tailored approach to global workforce development with strategies and solutions for global talent management and employee development across all areas of your business, from entry level to C-Suite business leaders.

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Global Workforce Development

Bespoke solutions to support HR personnel in making the link between organisational global strategy and recruitment and selection of an international HR workforce.

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International Workforce Development

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Global Workforce Development – How Cultural awareness ensures overseas business success for companies and their employees


Everything you need to work more effectively

with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Why Choose Us?

Our outstanding track-record is based on our ability to get 'under the skin' of the companies we work with, to fully understand each client's business strategy and individual requirements. This is made possible by adopting a unique approach to the way we work, one that's built on our core values of quality, value, confidentiality, passion, flexibility, innovation, trust, and you'll see those values reflected in everything we do.

Recognised as a leader in our field we offer…

  • Broad range of tailored intercultural and management training programmes
  • Flexible delivery and blended learning solutions
  • Highest quality training from an extensive resource of cultural expertise
  • Client list of leading global organisations
  • Outstanding level of service and support from our experienced intercultural training team

Wherever you are operating and whatever the role, we can provide individual and team support to help your company work more effectively with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Farnham Castle Intercultural Training provides a complete range of highly tailored Cultural training, Leadership and global mobility programmes from one to one sessions for international employees, through to blended learning organisational-wide solutions. We have an unrivalled reputation for the design and delivery of sustainable solutions to support global business growth.

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